Privacy is an increasingly messy area.

Brands have an opportunity to establish themselves as privacy protectors

Andrew Hawn writes: The latest data dump from WikiLeaks had many wondering if their TVs are watching them. The CIA’s ability to pry into everything from mobile operating systems to smart TVs and cars probably doesn’t come as much of a shock. However, it marks out privacy as another layer of worry for consumers, and an opportunity for brands.

Our US research shows that consumers of almost every age care a great deal about the information they share, but they don’t have a clear understanding of how companies secure that personal information.

[Source: Kantar Futures]

The Wikileaks revelations give brands and businesses an opening to seize an under-served position in the market: data defenders. There’s a high bar to achieving trust, however. Most Americans believe brands will sell out consumers’ interests if they’re not likely to be caught.

[Source: Kantar Futures]

Brands should consider a potential role as a data guardian. These critical issues will shape the way consumers understand security going forward:

Andrew Hawn is a Vice President of Kantar Futures, specialising in media and technology. He is based in Los Angeles. A version of this post appeared on the Kantar US Insights blog. The image is from Death to Stock

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