Jo Phillips writes:

We are officially ‘out of the recession’, but uncertainty, and even fear, remains. The fourth wave of research in our UK consumer tracking study Feeling the Pinch (which Fran Walton and Eleanor Cooksey launched at a breakfast briefing in London last week) shows that consumers are in the ‘doldrums’ – a place which is both quiet and uneasy, a place where you are stuck. Two-fifths of consumers say they are worse off than last year (the same proportion as in November 2009) and just under half know someone who has been made redundant in the past twelve months.

With Wednesday’s Spending Review ensuring that job cuts are never far from a front page, and rising prices meaning that people need a bit more money to feel like they are staying still, it’s no wonder that consumers remain anxious. But we believe that this new reality is starting to stick. We’re seeing a deeper shift in consumer outlook: welcome to the New Normal.

With the New Normal comes our new acronym, SCANT, to help organisations and brands understand current consumer attitudes and thereby navigate this sea change. Here’s a brief introduction:

There are limited places available for a repeat of this breakfast briefing on 9 November. To find out more please contact Karen Kidson.

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