Painting by Debora Gilbert Ryan

Andrew Curry writes:

The latest edition of our free e-letter, HenleyMail, has gone in the last week or so to those who have signed up to it. There are two main articles: Trevor Harvey looks at the credit crunch through the lens of Henley Centre HeadlightVision’s Financial Services Segmentation, and there’s an interview with J. Walker Smith, the Chief Executive of Yankelovich, which merged with HCHLV earlier this year. Among other things, we asked Walker about the major trends he saw in the US market at the moment:

We talk with our clients about three overarching dynamics – empowerment, purpose and health. Empowerment is simply the fact that unprecedented access to information is putting consumers in charge of the marketplace. Purpose is a newfound priority on the quality of life not the quantity of stuff, and so people are actively seeking more meaning and fulfillment in their lives. And multiple pressures, some demographic, some regulatory, some economic, are putting a premium on better health, particularly better preventive health which is one of the key initiatives in our business right now.

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The painting at the top of the post is by the American painter Debora Gilbert Ryan: ” I did this series of rather simple encaustic and oil paintings … in the mid-1970’s. People liked them a lot until I told them they were paintings of envelopes. In certain circles, any sort of representation was looked down upon.”

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