Croke Park

Andrew Curry writes:

I mentioned this large scale scenarios project in a post a few weeks ago – carried out for Carnegie UK’s Commission of Inquiry Into The Future of Civil Society.

The project reports are now on the Carnegie website: a drivers’ report, The Shape of Civil Society To Come; a scenarios report, Scenarios For Civil Society, a project summary, and finally a toolkit to help people use the material without needing professional support.

Running workshops across Britain and Ireland gave a broader cultural perspective than many of our projects and most of them were held either side of the May elections, with their nationalist tilt. My favourite workshop, I think, was exploring the implications of the scenarios high up in Croke Park in Dublin. It is the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association, one of the oldest of Irish civil society organisations, with its own history in the Irish struggle for independence from the UK – but also a civil association which has ridden cultural trends around national languages and culture to reinvigorate itself in the pst 20 years.

Picture of Croke Park from TouristR, Dublin.

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