The Futures Company traditionally has a quiz at its Christmas party. These are the questions for this year – unfortunately without the music round, which we can’t share here for copyright reasons. We’ll publish the answers in the New Year.

Round 1: Connections:


There are four sets of four objects in the above table – each object is in only one set. So if you have got the right answer, all the sixteen objects in the table will have been accounted for.

You get one point for each correct set, and one point for identifying correctly what the set is – plus 2 bonus points if you get all the sets and all the explanations correct.

Round 2: In 2008 … (one point per right answer):

  1. Who said: ‘I made a mistake in presuming that the self-interests of organisations, specifically banks and others, were such that they were best capable of protecting their own shareholders and their equity in the firms’.
  2. Who said at the London School of Economics: “Why did nobody notice it?”
  3. What is the address (the street name) of the Bank of England?
  4. Norway topped the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report, having the smallest gender gap. Which country came bottom?
  5. Which pianist died in Stockholm Harbour?
  6. Which Moses (who also died this year) was a supporter of both the Civil Rights Movement and the National Rifle Association?
  7. Who was the first competitor to get a ten in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition?
  8. Who won the Man-Booker prize this year?
  9. Which record won the Nationwide mercury music prize?
  10. Which two films received the most nominations at this year’s Oscar awards?
  11. In 1908, what opened on the west London site which now hosts Westfield?
  12. In 1958, what was invented by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments and Robert Noyce of Fairchild Semiconductors?
  13. How long was a single lap of the velodrome at this year’s summer Olympics?
  14. Rebecca Adlington won two golds at the Olympics. In what events?
  15. Which sportsman made it to a hundred after a bit of a wait – but his team still got relegated?
  16. The new British coin design makes a jigsaw out of the Royal Arms. How many coins is the royal crest split across?
  17. What is Sarah Palin’s home town?
  18. What went off with a big bang under the Alps in September?
  19. In 2008, why might it have been dangerous to be in Tskhinvali?
  20. Who is the reigning world chess champion?

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