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Five things I learnt at ‘Rethink’

Andrew Curry writes: The Economist‘s “Rethink” conference, held recently in London, put up a range of speakers to talk about the plight of marketing in an age of consumer power.… Read More »

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The multicultural world of social media

Jeff Yang writes: Technology types often cite a rather unappetizing phrase — “eating your own dogfood” — by way of describing the act of using what you’re building (and selling… Read More »

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Messengers and memes

We hadn’t planned to return to the subject of social networks so quickly after introducing our latest thinking on the subject here last week, but a week of disorder in… Read More »

Sporting tw**ts

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Sporting tw**ts

Oliver Wright writes: Humans have always been predisposed to gossip. French political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville once said “If an American was condemned to confine his activity to his own… Read More »

Still trusting Twitter

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Still trusting Twitter

Oliver Wright writes: Since my last post on the role Twitter is playing in relation to more traditional media, a couple of events have highlighted how Twitter, and social media… Read More »

Trusting Twitter

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Trusting Twitter

Oliver Wright writes: The noise of Twitter has reached a crescendo over the past couple of months, partly because of its role in sharing and even breaking news. The fact… Read More »