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Centennials make their mark on media

Rob Callender writes: The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, but even as Millennials soak up most of the attention Centennial teens are quietly driving many of the changes. We’ve… Read More »

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The multicultural world of social media

Jeff Yang writes: Technology types often cite a rather unappetizing phrase — “eating your own dogfood” — by way of describing the act of using what you’re building (and selling… Read More »

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Social media vs “here we go again”

Jeremy Sy writes: Toxic haze in Singapore and Malaysia, floods in the Philippines, and an insensitive snapshot with a dead dolphin in China: Asia is buzzing with chatter about how… Read More »

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Messengers and memes

We hadn’t planned to return to the subject of social networks so quickly after introducing our latest thinking on the subject here last week, but a week of disorder in… Read More »

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The future of social networks #5

Andrew Curry and Andy Stubbings write: The Shell Oil futures guru Pierre Wack described his work as being about “the gentle art of reperceiving”, and the type of work that… Read More »

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The future of social media #4

#4: Pivot Points – pervasiveness, utility, and worldview Alex Steer writes: Yesterday I wrote about how different consumer decisions about scale, privacy and specificity create very different outcomes for social… Read More »

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The future of social networks #3

#3: Pivot Points – scale, privacy, and specificity Alex Steer writes: I blogged yesterday about the ‘Four Cs’ of social networking – the constants that underpin people’s desire to interact… Read More »

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The future of social networks #2

#2: The social life of social networks Alex Steer writes: To understand some of the ways in which online social networking may change as it evolves, we also need to… Read More »

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The future of social networks #1

Over the course of this week we are running a new blog post every day to launch our latest analysis of the future of social networks. The project has been… Read More »