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Privacy is a new battleground for brands

Brands have an opportunity to establish themselves as privacy protectors Andrew Hawn writes: The latest data dump from WikiLeaks had many wondering if their TVs are watching them. The CIA’s… Read More »

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The bursting of the sharing bubble

Rob Callender writes: The teen years have traditionally been a time of insecurity, trial and error. Mistakes are made and secrets kept. Although a certain level of privacy during the… Read More »

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Making meaning: the next privacy wars

Chloe Cook writes: This past year has seen the launch of several products that claim to predict what we want. Most of these products are content with trying to anticipate… Read More »

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The future of social networks #3

#3: Pivot Points – scale, privacy, and specificity Alex Steer writes: I blogged yesterday about the ‘Four Cs’ of social networking – the constants that underpin people’s desire to interact… Read More »

Facing off about privacy

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Facing off about privacy

Andrew Curry writes: The current row over Facebook’s successive changes to its privacy settings has several strategic implications for the way that businesses – not just in the digital sector… Read More »