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2014 Holiday Collection #2

Wanda Eifenbaum on Wild Tales The must-see film of the year in Argentina was Wild Tales. It’s been a long time since an Argentinian film had such success: it broke… Read More »

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Holiday collection 2012 – #2

Andy Stubbings, on Africa I spent a lot of time in Africa this year, for work and for personal reasons. Over the course of the year, I found it harder… Read More »

Impossible polaroids

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Impossible polaroids

Tom Ding writes: “One day I will tire of digital photography and ‘get back to basics.’ While my pictures will not be easy to share with friends and family [via… Read More »

A sense of place

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A sense of place

© Stacey Yates Stacey Yates writes: As well as working at HCHLV I’m also trained as a photographer and I was recently invited to create work in response to the… Read More »