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LGBTQ: “engaged, experiential and experimental”

In the second of two posts, Futures Company Youth Insights Director Rob Callender argues that the LGBTQ community in the US is a leading edge market worth close to a… Read More »

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Ten percent and rising [Part 2 of 2]

Jeremy Sy and Elijah Johnston write: Ten percent and rising (Part 1 of 2) In Part 1 of this post, we wrote about how the role of Indian women, as… Read More »

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Ten percent and rising [1 of 2]

Jeremy Sy and Elijah Johnston write: Indian women account for nearly a tenth of the world’s population, which represents a large and increasingly important market. To be successful, companies need… Read More »

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How to grow your brand in Indonesia

David Walter and Jeremy Sy write: Indonesia’s future is a bright one. Maybe you’ve seen the headline statistics: An economy that’s set to break into the top ten in the… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Debunking Myth #6

During the course of 2014, our Singapore team has taken a deep dive into the subject of “ageing in Asia”, identifying a series of myths about the continent’s older citizens,… Read More »

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Storytelling for consumer insights 

Ryan McConnell and Casey Ferrell write: As humans, we love stories. Our earliest, most treasured memories are often of our parents reading one to us before we went to sleep.… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Myth #2

Myth #2 about ageing in Asia is: “You can serve the ageing consumer by ‘targeting the 60+’” Jeremy Sy and Simran Gill write: In an article debunking the myth of… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Myth #1

Over the course of the next six months here on the blog our Asia-Pac team will be busting six different myths about Asia’s ageing population, using data and analysis to… Read More »

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E-commerce’s silver lining

  Jeremy Sy writes: The ‘typical’ eCommerce shopper is older than you think. According to the Futures Company’s Global MONITOR research, 60% of consumers 50+ globally say they’ve purchased a… Read More »