Centennials make their mark on media

Rob Callender writes: The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, but even as Millennials soak up most of the attention Centennial teens are quietly driving many of the changes. We’ve been

5G and the tsunami of mobile demand

A guest post by Hugh Griffiths from the world's biggest mobile trade show, Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in early March. The show's attendance broke previous records: the GSMA announced

Messengers and memes

We hadn't planned to return to the subject of social networks so quickly after introducing our latest thinking on the subject here last week, but a week of disorder in England has thrown up big

The future of social networks #5

Andrew Curry and Andy Stubbings write: The Shell Oil futures guru Pierre Wack described his work as being about "the gentle art of reperceiving", and the type of work that Alex Steer has laid out in

The future of social networks #3

#3: Pivot Points – scale, privacy, and specificity Alex Steer writes: I blogged yesterday about the 'Four Cs' of social networking - the constants that underpin people’s desire to interact online.

Finding the future in the Oscar nominations

Alex Steer writes: Did you know there are more people with genius IQs living in China than there are people of any kind living in the United States? That's the first line of The Social Network, one

Losing interest in Facebook

Andy Stubbings writes: “If you want to know how people will use technology tomorrow” a popular saying goes, “look at what young people are doing today”. To add to the bubbling anti-Facebook

Facing off about privacy

Andrew Curry writes: The current row over Facebook's successive changes to its privacy settings has several strategic implications for the way that businesses - not just in the digital sector -