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The bursting of the sharing bubble

Rob Callender writes: The teen years have traditionally been a time of insecurity, trial and error. Mistakes are made and secrets kept. Although a certain level of privacy during the… Read More »

Centennials, generations

Centennials make their mark on media

Rob Callender writes: The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, but even as Millennials soak up most of the attention Centennial teens are quietly driving many of the changes. We’ve… Read More »

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5G and the tsunami of mobile demand

A guest post by Hugh Griffiths from the world’s biggest mobile trade show, Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in early March. The show’s attendance broke previous records: the GSMA… Read More »

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Messengers and memes

We hadn’t planned to return to the subject of social networks so quickly after introducing our latest thinking on the subject here last week, but a week of disorder in… Read More »

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The future of social networks #5

Andrew Curry and Andy Stubbings write: The Shell Oil futures guru Pierre Wack described his work as being about “the gentle art of reperceiving”, and the type of work that… Read More »

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The future of social networks #3

#3: Pivot Points – scale, privacy, and specificity Alex Steer writes: I blogged yesterday about the ‘Four Cs’ of social networking – the constants that underpin people’s desire to interact… Read More »

Finding the future in the Oscar nominations


Finding the future in the Oscar nominations

Alex Steer writes: Did you know there are more people with genius IQs living in China than there are people of any kind living in the United States? That’s the… Read More »

Losing interest in Facebook

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Losing interest in Facebook

Andy Stubbings writes: “If you want to know how people will use technology tomorrow” a popular saying goes, “look at what young people are doing today”. To add to the… Read More »

Facing off about privacy

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Facing off about privacy

Andrew Curry writes: The current row over Facebook’s successive changes to its privacy settings has several strategic implications for the way that businesses – not just in the digital sector… Read More »