Jo Phillips writes:

A shop in Soho (London) that I visited recently asks its customers “What is your luxury?” You are invited to chalk yours up on a huge blackboard alongside those of your predecessors.

Much has been written about the DNA of luxury – its vital components are often said to include status, connoisseurship, rarity and myth. But what strikes me about the shop board is how simple people’s real luxuries are, building on Andrew’s earlier post about the trend towards simplicity. Luxury is… “a hot bath,” “new socks,” “eating chips in bed,” “not shaving ever.” It is stepping out of the rush and routine of life for “a nap on Saturday afternoon.” Encapsulated most simply by someone in the top left-hand corner of the image, it is “time!”

We have seen examples of brands playing successfully in this space and meeting consumer needs in the expressions of our “Stop-go Lives” Global Energy – it is interesting to see such a creative consumer articulation of ‘Time intensification,” “Search for Simplicity” and “Slow life”…

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