By Gus Newsam

The Elephant Parade has arrived in London. In the last few days around 250 decorated statues have appeared in the middle of the city, many around City Hall, close to our offices. It’s not the first outing – in previous years elephants have appeared in Belgium and Holland, next year they’ll go to Copenhagen. The point of this large outburst of entertaining public art is to raise money to try to save the Asian elephant from extinction. Every elephant has on it a plaque which invites people to make a donation by mobile phone – text ‘elephant’ to 83118 if you want to contribute.

Gus Newsam is a designer at The Futures Company. These photographs, cc Gus Newsam,  are published here under a Creative Commons licence.

2 thoughts on “Saving elephants

  1. Jo Phillips says:

    This reminds me of the Schipol Airport campaign we talked about here. It’s another great example of using entertainment and surprise to get people interested in a serious subject.

  2. thenextwavefutures says:

    Ed Mayo has an interesting post on the social effects of the elephants: “our landscape can be not just a shared sight but a shared conversation.”

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