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5G and the tsunami of mobile demand

A guest post by Hugh Griffiths from the world’s biggest mobile trade show, Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in early March. The show’s attendance broke previous records: the GSMA… Read More »

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How to grow your brand in Indonesia

David Walter and Jeremy Sy write: Indonesia’s future is a bright one. Maybe you’ve seen the headline statistics: An economy that’s set to break into the top ten in the… Read More »

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Playing poker in the Eurozone [2/2]

Andrew Curry writes: In yesterday’s post I looked at the short-run issues about Syriza’s stand-off with Germany and the Eurozone. In this post, I’m going to look at the wider… Read More »

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Playing poker in the Eurozone [1/2]

Andrew Curry writes: It’s impossible to tell how the stand-off between Syriza, Germany, and the ECB will turn out, and events are shifting daily. But some of the thinking in… Read More »

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The search for high value work

Ben Wood writes: Over at the TUC’s Touchstone blog, Tim Page has been blogging about our two reports published at the end of last year on high value work (the… Read More »

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The price of the Internet of Things

Our collegues Jeff Yang and Andrew Hawn have been at CES – the world’s whizziest and largest of the annual computer shows. Jeff had some reflections on the Internet of… Read More »

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Business lessons from the Uber economy

Each December, we close the year with a look ahead in our FutureView LIVE Webinar, which focusses on the emerging dynamics that are shaping the future of the consumer marketplace.… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #6

Sarah Peterson on Myanmar I was fortunate enough to a take a three month sabbatical this year (thank you TFC!), traveling through Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. This is one night… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #5

Christine Hloros on Station Eleven It’s easy to be skeptical of yet another post-apocalyptic tale… but this story, by Emily St.John Mandel, does not involve zombies, vampires or aliens. And… Read More »