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2014 Holiday Collection #6

Sarah Peterson on Myanmar I was fortunate enough to a take a three month sabbatical this year (thank you TFC!), traveling through Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. This is one night… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #5

Christine Hloros on Station Eleven It’s easy to be skeptical of yet another post-apocalyptic tale… but this story, by Emily St.John Mandel, does not involve zombies, vampires or aliens. And… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #4

David Walter on Beckett Beckett’s Happy Days destroyed me when I saw it in London. Winnie is being buried alive in a drift of sand. She’s a terminally optimistic woman,… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #3

Walker Smith on kayaking On a late July day, just as the tide was turning on the Isle of Palms, SC, Joy and I kayaked to the end of Morgan… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #2

Wanda Eifenbaum on Wild Tales The must-see film of the year in Argentina was Wild Tales. It’s been a long time since an Argentinian film had such success: it broke… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #1

To mark the end of the year – as is now traditional on the blog – we asked people across The Futures Company, and former colleagues, to share something they’d… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Debunking Myth #6

During the course of 2014, our Singapore team has taken a deep dive into the subject of “ageing in Asia”, identifying a series of myths about the continent’s older citizens,… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Debunking Myth #5

Myth #5: “The older you get, the smaller the world you live in”  Louise Tan writes: Once upon a time in Asia, large family homes housed three generations, or even more.… Read More »

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The 21st Century Business

Andrew Curry writes: Businesses need to change in response to the changing business environment, or they will struggle. That’s the short version of our recently published Future Perspective report, The… Read More »