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Asia, women

Ten percent and rising [1 of 2]

Jeremy Sy and Elijah Johnston write: Indian women account for nearly a tenth of the world’s population, which represents a large and increasingly important market. To be successful, companies need… Read More »

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Atticus Strategy winners

Our parent company, WPP, runs an annual thought leadership competition for all of the companies in the group,  named after the Greek orator Atticus. There are categories for Advertising, Branding… Read More »

Centennials, generations, millennials

Taking the “wreck” out of reckless

Rob Callender with the third of three posts on the emerging Centennials generation: Youth is a time to embrace life with passion: Nearly three-quarters of teen Centennials (the generation born… Read More »

Asia, generations

Japan: to a new beginning? [Part 2 of 2]

Jeremy Sy, Kajal Vatsa and Melody Zhou write: In Part 1 of this post we argued that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics offered a chance for Japan to emerge from its… Read More »

Centennials, generations, millennials

Generation Flex

Rob Callender, our Director of Youth Insights, with the second of three posts on the emerging Centennial Generation: Millennials are a famously inclusionary generation, and Centennials—the youth cohort born in… Read More »


Japan: An end to a beginning (1 of 2)

Jeremy Sy, Kajal Vatsa and Melody Zhou write: The year 2015 finds Japan halfway between two moments that will have long-term repercussions on its future: the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, and… Read More »

Centennials, generations, millennials

Centennials: from self-esteem to self-direction

Rob Callender writes:  If you’re looking to track the changes between the outgoing youth cohort (Millennials) and the incoming one (Centennials), first understand the differences in the way their parents… Read More »

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The future of personal finance

Andrew Curry writes: This week in London we held a client event – in partnership with h+k strategies – to look at the future of personal finance. My colleague Jo… Read More »

digital, television

5G and the tsunami of mobile demand

A guest post by Hugh Griffiths from the world’s biggest mobile trade show, Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in early March. The show’s attendance broke previous records: the GSMA… Read More »