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LGBTQ: “engaged, experiential and experimental”

In the second of two posts, Futures Company Youth Insights Director Rob Callender argues that the LGBTQ community in the US is a leading edge market worth close to a… Read More »

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Did the LGBTQ population just double?

When researching orientations, lives matter more than labels Rob Callender writes: For years, most research studies have inferred that lesbians, gays and bisexuals make up about 5% of the total… Read More »

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The rules of business reinvention

Earlier this year we were invited to contribute a short essay to the BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands report [pdf] earlier this year. We’re re-posting it here. Andrew Curry writes:… Read More »

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The changing financial services consumer

Andrew Curry writes: I spoke recently at Platforum’s Retail Services Conference in London, on changing consumer expectations in the sector. The Futures Company’s view of this is shaped strongly by… Read More »

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Centennials make their mark on media

Rob Callender writes: The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, but even as Millennials soak up most of the attention Centennial teens are quietly driving many of the changes. We’ve… Read More »

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Ten percent and rising [Part 2 of 2]

Jeremy Sy and Elijah Johnston write: Ten percent and rising (Part 1 of 2) In Part 1 of this post, we wrote about how the role of Indian women, as… Read More »

Asia, women

Ten percent and rising [1 of 2]

Jeremy Sy and Elijah Johnston write: Indian women account for nearly a tenth of the world’s population, which represents a large and increasingly important market. To be successful, companies need… Read More »

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Atticus Strategy winners

Our parent company, WPP, runs an annual thought leadership competition for all of the companies in the group,  named after the Greek orator Atticus. There are categories for Advertising, Branding… Read More »

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Taking the “wreck” out of reckless

Rob Callender with the third of three posts on the emerging Centennials generation: Youth is a time to embrace life with passion: Nearly three-quarters of teen Centennials (the generation born… Read More »