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Why images are worth more words than ever (Part 1)

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Lions International Festival, and as part of our collaboration with Ogilvydo, we’re running a cartoon strip right through the week – written… Read More »


The future of simulation

Lee Shupp writes: The theme of the recent annual gathering of the Association of Professional Futurists, a professional organization of working futurists with almost 300 members from around the world, Play:… Read More »

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Women, breadwinners, hype and headlines

Ryan McConnell writes: If you’ve been reading the media reports lately, an overarching narrative is unmistakable:  Women are in ascendance.  Led by the likes of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo’s… Read More »

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Five things you need to know about mobile payments

Giles Powdrill writes: I recently attended the first Marketforce Future of Mobile Payments Conference in London. Mobile payments, and payments in general, are an interesting sector for scenario planners and futurists… Read More »

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The rise of mobile money

Andrew Curry writes: Everyone knows that mobile payments are the next big thing. And it might be: mobile culture is booming and smartphone numbers continue to climb. But this market is… Read More »

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Making meaning: the next privacy wars

Chloe Cook writes: This past year has seen the launch of several products that claim to predict what we want. Most of these products are content with trying to anticipate… Read More »

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What digital marketers can learn from the monasteries

From our latest post in our link-up with OgilvyDo: Jeff Yang writes: There’s been a lot of clamor around how the Internet has impacted language — primarily focused on the… Read More »

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ColaLife and ambidextrous innovation

Over the next couple of months, we’re partnering with Ogilvy.DO and Fast Company to post new content on the themes of technology and innovation. One of the first pieces we… Read More »

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Lower-growth futures

Andrew Curry writes: In our recent Future Perspective Succeeding in Low Growth Markets we looked at the headwinds that could keep economic growth in the richer economies low for the… Read More »