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E-commerce’s silver lining

  Jeremy Sy writes: The ‘typical’ eCommerce shopper is older than you think. According to the Futures Company’s Global MONITOR research, 60% of consumers 50+ globally say they’ve purchased a… Read More »

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Retail’s digital journey

Andrew Curry writes: The digital world has overturned traditional stories about how consumers research and buy. Of course the old story- a tidy universe in which Awareness was followed by Information which… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #6

Jeremy Sy on Typhoon Haiyan In November of this year, Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda swept through the Visayas in my home country, the Philippines, killing more than 5,000 and rendering… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #5

Simran Gill on Vietnam This year, I went to Vietnam with a friend for my grad trip. My parents were terrified: two (slightly) airheaded girls all alone in a developing… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #4

Pete Rose on League of Denial What has troubled me since finishing comprehensive look at the ongoing battle among neuropathologists, the National Football League, and the families of retired and… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #3

Walker Smith on Average is over The best book of 2013 is Tyler Cowen’s view of the unfolding U.S. economy, workforce and technology entitled Average is Over.  This book has… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #2

Ian Christie on Nick Lowe I’d almost forgotten about the British singer and songwriter Nick Lowe, who had three years of fame in the late 70s as a pioneer of… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #1

To mark the end of the year – as is now traditional on the blog – we asked people across The Futures Company, and former colleagues, to share something they’d… Read More »

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The multicultural world of social media

Jeff Yang writes: Technology types often cite a rather unappetizing phrase — “eating your own dogfood” — by way of describing the act of using what you’re building (and selling… Read More »