Harmony_Day_(5475651018)Jeff Yang writes: Technology types often cite a rather unappetizing phrase — “eating your own dogfood” — by way of describing the act of using what you’re building (and selling to others) in your actual daily process. When your job is consumer insights, and future-facing consumer insights especially, the need to eat your own dogfood becomes particularly sharp: If we don’t practice what we preach, how can we maintain our authority to preach in the first place?

For years, we’ve been tracking the burgeoning rise of ethnic consumers on social media platforms (opens PDF). In fact, ethnic consumers already make up 36% of social media users in the U.S., and are projected to make up the majority of such users by 2035. Which means that social media is emerging as the primary platform for engagement with this dynamic population — even more so as Multicultural Millennials, the cohort we call the M-Squareds (PDF), become their consumer engine.

In that spirit, Multicultural MONITOR has launched a new initiative to put social media at the core of our conversation with our clients and beyond. You can now find a regular stream of content from our client-only Multicultural MONITOR Real-Time blog at our public-facing Multicultural Blog, right here. We’ve launched a Twitter feed, Cultural Trends, over here. And perhaps most excitingly, we’ve launched a LinkedIn professionals group, Multicultural Trends, that has gone from zero to 650 members in a matter of days, with a fascinating set of ongoing discussions that are both provocative and enlightening.

So you can read us, follow us, and join us. It turns out the dogfood is delicious.

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