business-model-innovation-Kantar-Futures-podcastIn episode 4 of the Kantar Futures podcast, we talked about business model innovation with Joe Ballantyne, a director in our London office. We’ve published a reasonable amount on this, and there’s a Future Perspective report (pdf) that pulls together some of the thinking. (And there’s a version on Medium which acts as an introduction.) The short version of this argument: in a world of declining growth rates, incremental innovation is less and less effective, so business model innovation becomes necessary. Our research suggested that there are four “archetypes” of business model innovation: extracting, bundling, upserving and market-making.

The podcast can be downloaded from here, or you can jump straight to the audio here.

We had a few recording problems with this edition: Andrew Curry wasn’t actually recording from an echo chamber.


Links to topics in programme order

The business model innovation discussion starts at 4’45”.

Three Up starts at 19’25”

Op-ed on business model innovation starts at 31’20.



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