Rima Gupta writes from India:

It’s always interesting to get a national perspective on international trends, as we did this month when India’s Economic Times picked up on the millennials’ research in the latest edition of our Global Monitor.

The research shows that millennials in India – the 16-25 year olds – have some strong similarities with those elsewhere. As summarised by Economic Times:

This group in India is not very different from peers anywhere in the world. They present similar paradoxes that puzzle even the most successful marketers. Their global outlook makes them very individualistic and interested in forging their own identity. They are multi-disciplinary and goal-oriented.

But there are also strong differences: “they identify strongly with their parents and are even proud of Indian traditions and culture much more than their western counterparts”.

Looking at some of the data in a little more detail, Indian millennials were much more likely to want to stand out in a crowd without being too different – 51% thought it was important to be a trendsetter (compared with 22% in the UK and 29% in the US). But it seems that they are also more likely than their British counterparts, and much more likely than American millennials, to say they were “strong advocates” of their own culture and traditions.

There’s an interesting dilemma in here for Indian marketers: how to represent difference, and new trends, in a way that is respectful of continuity.

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The image is of a shop inside the Madurai temple in Tamil Nadu.

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  1. Tulsi Tawari says:

    It would be interesting to predict the future of advertisement- away from impulse-behavior towards vale-adding, i.e. purposeful. Furthermore, it may help predict which kinds of products may shrink in market-size ( due to their value-depleting criteria) and vice versa.

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