Giles Powdrill writes: I recently attended the first Marketforce Future of Mobile Payments Conference in London. Mobile payments, and payments in general, are an interesting sector for scenario planners and futurists at the moment because of the high levels of uncertainty surrounding it. New consumer and industry technologies, a rapidly shifting retail landscape and evolving social attitudes are combining to create a market that is ripe for disruptive innovation.

My five big takeaways from the presentations and discussions on the day are as follows:

My colleague Andrew Curry was a speaker at the event. He blogged about his talk here.

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One thought on “Five things you need to know about mobile payments

  1. Kaustuv Ghosh says:


    1. NFC needs retail and transit to grow. Which means much more needs to be done on the acceptance side. Especially terminal evolution. Accepting cards on mobile terminals is not enough.

    2. Look at the leadership of Japan in technology dissemination and China in creation of scale.

    3. Urban ecosystems, especially the megapolises are the markets where volume and margins will accrue. Regulatory frameworks and corporate policy need to take into each account each such stand alone market.

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