Lloyd Burdett writes:

The third annual BrandZ China report has just been published by Millward Brown, and has some interestingĀ findings in it. China Mobile is still top, though showing signs of modest decline. The next two slots are taken by banks, and the search engine, Baidu, is in fourth place. More significant, perhaps, is the finding in the study – given the relative weakness of the Chinese economy compared to its performance in the ’90s and the ’00s – that brand execution now makes a difference to market value (as can be seen from the chart below). It’s a sign, perhaps, that Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated – and more selective.

Elsewhere in the report there’s some good analysis of lower tier cities, which are increasingly important (as we observed in our Future Perspective, China’s Challenges, earlier this year), and some good category insight. And I like the fact that the company reviews were accompanied by some genuinely interesting pictures of Chinese life and Chinese consumers.

The charts are from the BrandZ report and are used with thanks to Millward Brown.

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