thumbnail_Centennials_Infographic_2016 SmallerThe Centennials, the generation that follows the Millennials, are just reaching adulthood. The oldest of them are 19 this year, and many of these have already started in college or in work. They’re different from the Millennials in a number of important ways. The data in the infographic is from the US, but we’re seeing similar patterns in other countries as well.

Some of the main differences between Centennials and Millennials are:

There are also some interesting differences in technology attitudes, which Rob Callender has written about on Medium, and which are also reflected in the chart below. In short,

Many young people seem increasingly protective of their privacy, and while Millennials still love Facebook, young people are moving away from Facebook to smaller, more curated, more anonymous or closed-circuit options.

As we move into this new generation, it seems likely that there is a significant shift in values going on. Some of the more extreme attitudes of the Millennials—especially a potentially misplaced sense of invincibility around technology—were a product of being brought up in a long economic boom amid an explosion of digital technology. The Centennials, in contrast, are showing the signs of a generation that has been brought up in tough economic times and seems better able to navigate technology on their own terms.

The Centennials infographic was designed by Jaclyn Salem. A higher quality pdf version can be downloaded here.

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