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Science fiction story telling and the future of brands (1)

The World Future Trends Summit arrives next week, and global visionaries will gather to uncover the trends that will have the most impact on the future of business. The Futures… Read More »

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Introducing Trend and Tonic

Christina Linden-Hill writes: One of the good things about working at The Futures Company is the opportunity to try out new things, to experiment.  When a few of us started… Read More »

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Working women

Pen Stuart writes: It’s international women’s day, and the question of women’s work is top of mind – internationally women perform 66% of the world’s work, but earn only 10%… Read More »

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Library futures

Andrew Curry and Victoria Ward write: Last week Francine Houben of Mecanoo Architecten talked about their design of Birmingham’s future library as a “living room for the city”. More than just storage, a dynamic… Read More »

The new normal is still here, and here to stay

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The new normal is still here, and here to stay

Eleanor Cooksey writes: “I’ve found the cost of living has gone up substantially and it has had a huge impact on my life. I am not buying luxuries as often… Read More »

The World in 2020

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The World in 2020

Andrew Curry writes: I’ve been working on a Futures Company report on The World in 2020 for the last couple of months, and since I’ve end up doing much of… Read More »

Spreading the love


Spreading the love

Pen Stuart writes: We are in love. Or more precisely we were on Monday morning, soaking ourselves in the warmth of a topical subject that doesn’t always feature high on… Read More »

After the floodtide of prosperity

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After the floodtide of prosperity

Andrew Curry writes: Our chairman, J Walker Smith, was one of the experts invited to contribute by Marketing to its ‘Forward Thinking‘ essays this year. His theme: that we’ve reached… Read More »

The future’s blue – and yellow?

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The future’s blue – and yellow?

Tom Richardson writes: In the London office we like to shake out the weekend with a ‘Monday Morning Meeting’. It’s a tradition that goes back some twenty years, and it’s… Read More »