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Making meaning: the next privacy wars

Chloe Cook writes: This past year has seen the launch of several products that claim to predict what we want. Most of these products are content with trying to anticipate… Read More »

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What digital marketers can learn from the monasteries

From our latest post in our link-up with OgilvyDo: Jeff Yang writes: There’s been a lot of clamor around how the Internet has impacted language — primarily focused on the… Read More »

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Spending more time in the office

Elisa Birtwistle writes: Marissa Mayer’s instruction to Yahoo staff that will no longer be able to work from home has caused something of a media firestorm – even if Yahoo… Read More »

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Big Data comes of age

J. Walker Smith writes: One of the biggest winners in the US Presidential election was New York Times’ political blogger, Nate Silver. His success tells us something important about the… Read More »

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Stages of digital grief

Andy Stubbings writes: I went to a talk on the future of publishing recently by Julius Wiedemann, the Design Editor at the art book publisher Taschen, at the Design Museum… Read More »

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Surface tension

Microsoft’s whizzy new Surface slates — unveiled June 18 at a high-profile Apple-style announcement event in Hollywood — have triggered wildly disparate reactions across the technology world, with some pundits… Read More »

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Re-thinking our homes

by Pen Stuart The home is the safe heart of many consumers’ lives, but this can make people overlook the changes that are reshaping the way people live, so it’s… Read More »

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Copyright wars

Andrew Curry writes: Watching the SOPA/PIPA saga unfold from the other side of the Atlantic, it was difficult not to see it as a ‘wave war’, in which companies which… Read More »

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Trending @CES 2012

Last week, we and 150,000 of our closest gearhead friends attended CES, the consumer electronics industry’s largest trade event – and with a few days’ distance from the Las Vegas… Read More »