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Value and values at Tesco

The sudden departure of Philip Clarke, Chief Executive of Britain’s largest supermarket, Tesco, after three years in charge and 40 with the business, is a reminder of how deep the… Read More »

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E-commerce’s silver lining

  Jeremy Sy writes: The ‘typical’ eCommerce shopper is older than you think. According to the Futures Company’s Global MONITOR research, 60% of consumers 50+ globally say they’ve purchased a… Read More »

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Retail’s digital journey

Andrew Curry writes: The digital world has overturned traditional stories about how consumers research and buy. Of course the old story- a tidy universe in which Awareness was followed by Information which… Read More »

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The needs of shoppers

Pen Stuart writes: The Futures Company’s recently published thought leadership report The Future Shopper helps map out the rapidly evolving retail space from the perspective of the shopper, and understand… Read More »

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Sharing to Survive – The Future of Sustainable Business

Louise Kennedy writes: The Sustainable Brands Conference arrives in London on November 27th and 28th – providing an opportunity for sustainability leaders, strategists and innovation specialists to discuss how businesses… Read More »

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Ten notes on the future of retail

Phil Soanes writes: I spoke earlier this week at a WPP workshop run by The Store on the future of retail , and the form was a series of short… Read More »

The programmable store

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The programmable store

Andy Stubbings writes: We were recently asked to present at a retail conference,  (“Digital Retailing 4.0”) organized by The Store and WPP, on how mobile devices will change shopping. On… Read More »

What you don’t want for Christmas

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What you don’t want for Christmas

Oliver Wright writes: One of my seasonal ‘jokes’ goes that you can tell when Christmas is approaching by the adverts on TV. Thus, like many others I suppose, I am… Read More »

The last place to go

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The last place to go

Andrew Curry writes: We’ve been having a bit of an argument in the London office about dixons.co.uk advertising which has been running on the London underground. The picture, above, captures… Read More »