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Did the LGBTQ population just double?

When researching orientations, lives matter more than labels Rob Callender writes: For years, most research studies have inferred that lesbians, gays and bisexuals make up about 5% of the total… Read More »

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Closer to the action

J. Walker Smith writes: Digital technologies have turned marketing upside down, but not by revolutionizing the fundamentals. The core principles of marketing remain the same. Instead, marketing research has moved… Read More »

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Storytelling for consumer insights 

Ryan McConnell and Casey Ferrell write: As humans, we love stories. Our earliest, most treasured memories are often of our parents reading one to us before we went to sleep.… Read More »

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Women, breadwinners, hype and headlines

Ryan McConnell writes: If you’ve been reading the media reports lately, an overarching narrative is unmistakable:  Women are in ascendance.  Led by the likes of Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo’s… Read More »

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The needs of shoppers

Pen Stuart writes: The Futures Company’s recently published thought leadership report The Future Shopper helps map out the rapidly evolving retail space from the perspective of the shopper, and understand… Read More »

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Anxious and angry: the view to 2013

Andrew Curry writes: It’s that time of year when people are starting to look ahead to the business environment for next year. From the perspective of The Futures Company, we… Read More »

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Rethinking online research

by Pen Stuart As consultants and researchers try to understand evolving consumer behaviour, we quite often use online survey research. It’s one of those areas which seemed like a revelation… Read More »

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Doing Strategic Futures

Andrew Curry writes: Just before Christmas, The Futures Company re-published a report which it wrote (as The Henley Centre) a decade ago, for the British government’s Cabinet Office, on understanding… Read More »

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The volatile world

Henry Tucker writes: The Futures Company has recently released the latest edition of Global MONITOR, our large scale syndicated future-focused Insights Programme. Global MONITOR’s analysis is underpinned by a survey… Read More »