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Doing good and doing well

Vera Kiss writes: In his controversial 1970 New York Times article, Milton Friedman set the tone for a generation when he argued that the sole responsibility of businesses was to… Read More »

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Copyright wars

Andrew Curry writes: Watching the SOPA/PIPA saga unfold from the other side of the Atlantic, it was difficult not to see it as a ‘wave war’, in which companies which… Read More »

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From cash to commitment

Amy Tomkins writes: Tackling climate change requires collective action. Yet inspiring consumers to change their behaviour is tough. Lack of engagement, lack of understanding and a sense of powerlessness can… Read More »

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My Millennial generation

Lawrence Wykes writes: The idea of the generational cohort as a unit of social research and analysis goes back to the definition of the ‘boomers’ – America’s immediate port-war generation,… Read More »

After bling

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After bling

Alex Oliver writes: There are some perks in being a consultant, and being invited to speak at a conference in Paris on managing change in consumer credit and debt behaviour,… Read More »

Millennials and money

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Millennials and money

Alex Oliver writes: We’ve been out and about talking about the millennials generation and their financial attitudes and behaviours. At the Financial Services Forum event in the City of London… Read More »

Holiday collection # 3

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Holiday collection # 3

Joe Ballantyne: Whoops, by John Lanchester For my money, Whoops is far and away the best book I’ve read about the financial crisis. It’s clear, concise and at times even… Read More »

Young people and their money

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Young people and their money

Eleanor Cooksey writes: How do young people learn about managing money? Earlier this month, we ran a workshop session at an event organised by the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB)… Read More »

Talking about Millennials and progress

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Talking about Millennials and progress

Yannis Kavounis, the head of our Millenials Knowledge Venturing team, talks to Tom Ding Tom: Yannis, I have been meaning to ask you about Millenials and the recession… Yannis: Recession,… Read More »