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LGBTQ: “engaged, experiential and experimental”

In the second of two posts, Futures Company Youth Insights Director Rob Callender argues that the LGBTQ community in the US is a leading edge market worth close to a… Read More »

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The changing financial services consumer

Andrew Curry writes: I spoke recently at Platforum’s Retail Services Conference in London, on changing consumer expectations in the sector. The Futures Company’s view of this is shaped strongly by… Read More »

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Centennials make their mark on media

Rob Callender writes: The media landscape continues to evolve rapidly, but even as Millennials soak up most of the attention Centennial teens are quietly driving many of the changes. We’ve… Read More »

Centennials, generations, millennials

Taking the “wreck” out of reckless

Rob Callender with the third of three posts on the emerging Centennials generation: Youth is a time to embrace life with passion: Nearly three-quarters of teen Centennials (the generation born… Read More »

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Japan: to a new beginning? [Part 2 of 2]

Jeremy Sy, Kajal Vatsa and Melody Zhou write: In Part 1 of this post we argued that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics offered a chance for Japan to emerge from its… Read More »

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Generation Flex

Rob Callender, our Director of Youth Insights, with the second of three posts on the emerging Centennial Generation: Millennials are a famously inclusionary generation, and Centennials—the youth cohort born in… Read More »

Centennials, generations, millennials

Centennials: from self-esteem to self-direction

Rob Callender writes:  If you’re looking to track the changes between the outgoing youth cohort (Millennials) and the incoming one (Centennials), first understand the differences in the way their parents… Read More »


The changing face of American youth

Erik Medina writes: In the Chicago office, we’ve been putting the final touches to our annual TRU Youth Monitor, about the attitudes of American teens and twenties. Although it focuses… Read More »

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Ungreening a generation?

Ashraf Choudhury writes: The Futures Company has quite strong views on Millennials, which have been covered in posts here in the past. So when I noticed an academic paper (opens… Read More »