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The changing financial services consumer

Andrew Curry writes: I spoke recently at Platforum’s Retail Services Conference in London, on changing consumer expectations in the sector. The Futures Company’s view of this is shaped strongly by… Read More »

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The future of personal finance

Andrew Curry writes: This week in London we held a client event – in partnership with h+k strategies – to look at the future of personal finance. My colleague Jo… Read More »

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Re-engaging the financial services customer

Andrew Curry writes: I was invited to contribute to a conference panel recently on the future of Operations and Technology in Financial Services. Here are some of the things I… Read More »

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Five things you need to know about mobile payments

Giles Powdrill writes: I recently attended the first Marketforce Future of Mobile Payments Conference in London. Mobile payments, and payments in general, are an interesting sector for scenario planners and futurists… Read More »

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The rise of mobile money

Andrew Curry writes: Everyone knows that mobile payments are the next big thing. And it might be: mobile culture is booming and smartphone numbers continue to climb. But this market is… Read More »

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Argentina’s ‘blue dollar’

Giles Powdrill writes: What do you get when you mix greenbacks with black markets and red tape? In Argentina today, the answer is a ‘blue’ exchange rate: An informal market… Read More »

Customers of the future

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Customers of the future

Alex Oliver writes: At the Marketforce conference I spoke at last week, I may have unwittingly cast a further cloud over my audience on a gloomy Wimbledon June day.  The… Read More »

After bling

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After bling

Alex Oliver writes: There are some perks in being a consultant, and being invited to speak at a conference in Paris on managing change in consumer credit and debt behaviour,… Read More »

Millennials and money

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Millennials and money

Alex Oliver writes: We’ve been out and about talking about the millennials generation and their financial attitudes and behaviours. At the Financial Services Forum event in the City of London… Read More »