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Argentina’s ‘blue dollar’

Giles Powdrill writes: What do you get when you mix greenbacks with black markets and red tape? In Argentina today, the answer is a ‘blue’ exchange rate: An informal market… Read More »

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Diversity within – understanding ethnic diversity in the Americas

  Vera Kiss writes: The Futures Company’s recently published Future Perspective “The Coming Decade for Latin America”  highlights that companies can effectively build opportunities in emerging Latam markets only if they… Read More »

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Growing in a slow-growth marketplace

J Walker Smith writes: It’s dangerous to take the news of late at face value.  While a Greek deal appears to be in place and the Council of Economic Advisors,… Read More »

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Beyond the eurozone crisis

Andrew Curry and Matthew Lynn write: As the Greek financial crisis plays out on the streets and in the council chambers of Europe, it’s hard to look beyond the day-to-day… Read More »

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The case against austerity

J. Walker Smith writes: We’ve been having something of an economics-themed month at The Futures Company, with client presentations about recession hit consumers in the UK and the US, and… Read More »

The happiness question

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The happiness question

Rebecca Nash writes: If you’ve been following the ‘happiness debate’, you’ll know that policy makers are increasingly asking if it is potentially a better indicator of social progress than the… Read More »

The World in 2020

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The World in 2020

Andrew Curry writes: I’ve been working on a Futures Company report on The World in 2020 for the last couple of months, and since I’ve end up doing much of… Read More »

Rising East

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Rising East

Joe Ballantyne writes: We’re experiencing a fundamental shift in the global economy, as wealth moves from West to East. As Asia and the Middle East assert themselves as the brightest… Read More »

The future of payments

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The future of payments

Andrew Curry writes: I was invited earlier this month to speak on the future of payments at the Digital Money Forum in London, now in its thirteenth year and as… Read More »