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The slow growth story

Always good to start the day with a view like this (can you spot @StPaulsLondon). Thanks @FuturesCo #slowgrowth pic.twitter.com/7B5FQLeHPa — Claire Davies (@clairedavies) July 12, 2016 We had a breakfast… Read More »

Between Debt and the Devil

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Debt, the devil, and printing money

Joe Ballantyne writes: I went to see Adair Turner, the former head of the UK’s Financial Services Authority talking in London last week to promote his new book Between Debt… Read More »

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Playing poker in the Eurozone [2/2]

Andrew Curry writes: In yesterday’s post I looked at the short-run issues about Syriza’s stand-off with Germany and the Eurozone. In this post, I’m going to look at the wider… Read More »

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Playing poker in the Eurozone [1/2]

Andrew Curry writes: It’s impossible to tell how the stand-off between Syriza, Germany, and the ECB will turn out, and events are shifting daily. But some of the thinking in… Read More »

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The search for high value work

Ben Wood writes: Over at the TUC’s Touchstone blog, Tim Page has been blogging about our two reports published at the end of last year on high value work (the… Read More »


China’s challenges revisited

Andrew Curry writes: At the start of 2012, The Futures Company published China’s Challenges, on three of the biggest problems facing the country as it started the transition from an… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #3

Walker Smith on Average is over The best book of 2013 is Tyler Cowen’s view of the unfolding U.S. economy, workforce and technology entitled Average is Over. ┬áThis book has… Read More »

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Lower-growth futures

Andrew Curry writes: In our recent Future Perspective Succeeding in Low Growth Markets we looked at the headwinds that could keep economic growth in the richer economies low for the… Read More »

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The changing consumer mood

Andrew Curry writes: We’ve just launched our latest Consumer Outlook survey, of the UK and Ireland – the seventh since the financial crisis struck in 2008. There are a couple… Read More »