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Beyond the eurozone crisis

Andrew Curry and Matthew Lynn write: As the Greek financial crisis plays out on the streets and in the council chambers of Europe, it’s hard to look beyond the day-to-day… Read More »

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The case against austerity

J. Walker Smith writes: We’ve been having something of an economics-themed month at The Futures Company, with client presentations about recession hit consumers in the UK and the US, and… Read More »

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The new 5Ps of marketing

Fran Walton writes: Earlier this week, we presented our latest research on the post-recessiom UK consumer, Feeling The Pinch 6, to clients in London. The overall message is one of… Read More »

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Looking back on Looking Up

Walker Smith writes: For the past three years, since the economic crisis ballooned, I’ve been writing a regular column called Looking Up, on the ways for businesses to manage through… Read More »

The new normal is still here, and here to stay

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The new normal is still here, and here to stay

Eleanor Cooksey writes: “I’ve found the cost of living has gone up substantially and it has had a huge impact on my life. I am not buying luxuries as often… Read More »

After bling

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After bling

Alex Oliver writes: There are some perks in being a consultant, and being invited to speak at a conference in Paris on managing change in consumer credit and debt behaviour,… Read More »

Winners and sinners in the Superbowl ads

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Winners and sinners in the Superbowl ads

Alex Steer writes: I’ve been in the US a few months now, and still know nothing about American football. So when I watched the Superbowl last night, I watched the… Read More »

Millennials and money

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Millennials and money

Alex Oliver writes: We’ve been out and about talking about the millennials generation and their financial attitudes and behaviours. At the Financial Services Forum event in the City of London… Read More »

After the floodtide of prosperity

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After the floodtide of prosperity

Andrew Curry writes: Our chairman, J Walker Smith, was one of the experts invited to contribute by Marketing to its ‘Forward Thinking‘ essays this year. His theme: that we’ve reached… Read More »