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The search for high value work

Ben Wood writes: Over at the TUC’s Touchstone blog, Tim Page has been blogging about our two reports published at the end of last year on high value work (the… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #3

Walker Smith on Average is over The best book of 2013 is Tyler Cowen’s view of the unfolding U.S. economy, workforce and technology entitled Average is Over.  This book has… Read More »

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The new world of less (2 of 2)

Walker Smith writes: In my earlier post, I wrote about the new world of less. A world in which possibilities look more constrained, incomes are tighter, and less seems smarter. In… Read More »

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The new world of less (1 of 2)

Walker Smith writes: Less is the future. Some of what’s less is structural. We are facing natural limits of critical resources including key metals and minerals, water, land proximate to economic hubs, and cheap… Read More »

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Lower-growth futures

Andrew Curry writes: In our recent Future Perspective Succeeding in Low Growth Markets we looked at the headwinds that could keep economic growth in the richer economies low for the… Read More »

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Anxious and angry: the view to 2013

Andrew Curry writes: It’s that time of year when people are starting to look ahead to the business environment for next year. From the perspective of The Futures Company, we… Read More »

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Close to the edge

Sarah King writes: Yesterday’s news reports indicating that seven million Britons were only one bill away from disaster came as no surprise to anyone at The Futures Company. Our Feeling… Read More »

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Working women

Pen Stuart writes: It’s international women’s day, and the question of women’s work is top of mind – internationally women perform 66% of the world’s work, but earn only 10%… Read More »

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Growing in a slow-growth marketplace

J Walker Smith writes: It’s dangerous to take the news of late at face value.  While a Greek deal appears to be in place and the Council of Economic Advisors,… Read More »