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The world of esports

This is a guest post by Peter Curry. London’s Wembley Arena is best-known as one of the city’s biggest venues for sports and entertainment – it hosted events during the… Read More »

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Closer to the action

J. Walker Smith writes: Digital technologies have turned marketing upside down, but not by revolutionizing the fundamentals. The core principles of marketing remain the same. Instead, marketing research has moved… Read More »

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Killing off ‘cloud TV’?

Jeff Yang and Andrew Hawn have been looking at this week’s US Supreme Court decision which ruled that the Aereo “cloud DVR” service was illegal. The decision will probably kill… Read More »


Amazon’s Fire Phone: deal or no deal?

TechFlashes are rapid reactions to key technology shifts from the leads of The Futures Company’s US technology and media practice, Jeff Yang and Andrew Hawn. ¶ Jeff Yang and Andrew… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Myth #3

Myth #3: “My life ends when my children grow up” by Jeremy Sy and Simran Gill The cartoon above resonates in Asia, because it’s uncomfortably close to how people in… Read More »

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Five things I learnt at ‘Rethink’

Andrew Curry writes: The Economist‘s “Rethink” conference, held recently in London, put up a range of speakers to talk about the plight of marketing in an age of consumer power.… Read More »

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Going mobile in Barcelona

This is a guest post by Hugh Griffiths on the themes that emerged from the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. After last year’s unseasonably cold weather the sun came… Read More »

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Ageing in Asia: Myth #1

Over the course of the next six months here on the blog our Asia-Pac team will be busting six different myths about Asia’s ageing population, using data and analysis to… Read More »

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The semiotics of leadership

Andrew Curry writes: There’s been relatively little business comment on the appointment of Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s third chief executive, given the size and reach of the company, and I’m… Read More »