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The new 5Ps of marketing

Fran Walton writes: Earlier this week, we presented our latest research on the post-recessiom UK consumer, Feeling The Pinch 6, to clients in London. The overall message is one of… Read More »

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Looking back on Looking Up

Walker Smith writes: For the past three years, since the economic crisis ballooned, I’ve been writing a regular column called Looking Up, on the ways for businesses to manage through… Read More »

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Ten notes on the future of retail

Phil Soanes writes: I spoke earlier this week at a WPP workshop run by The Store on the future of retail , and the form was a series of short… Read More »

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The volatile world

Henry Tucker writes: The Futures Company has recently released the latest edition of Global MONITOR, our large scale syndicated future-focused Insights Programme. Global MONITOR’s analysis is underpinned by a survey… Read More »

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My Millennial generation

Lawrence Wykes writes: The idea of the generational cohort as a unit of social research and analysis goes back to the definition of the ‘boomers’ – America’s immediate port-war generation,… Read More »

Changing green

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Changing green

David Bersoff writes: In the US, the current thinking is that ‘green’ and sustainability have become flaccid consumer touch points. But while The Futures Company has found decreases in the… Read More »

The programmable store

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The programmable store

Andy Stubbings writes: We were recently asked to present at a retail conference,  (“Digital Retailing 4.0”) organized by The Store and WPP, on how mobile devices will change shopping. On… Read More »

The new normal is still here, and here to stay

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The new normal is still here, and here to stay

Eleanor Cooksey writes: “I’ve found the cost of living has gone up substantially and it has had a huge impact on my life. I am not buying luxuries as often… Read More »

From fear to pleasure

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From fear to pleasure

Alex Oliver writes: Looking for better sex? Interested in ways to save money and lose weight? Want to be a better parent and live a long and happy life? If… Read More »