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Diversity within – understanding ethnic diversity in the Americas

  Vera Kiss writes: The Futures Company’s recently published Future Perspective “The Coming Decade for Latin America”  highlights that companies can effectively build opportunities in emerging Latam markets only if they… Read More »

Campaigning in ‘the Big Sort’

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Campaigning in ‘the Big Sort’

Rachel Kelnar writes: I’ve been interested to see the noise generated by Barack Obama’s decision to deploy and maintain staff in every US state during the current US presidential election… Read More »

Measuring Cups

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Different day, different hat

[‘Measuring cups’, (c) Christine U’ren] Becky Rowe writes: We all live our lives on different planes and engage in diverse activities. As a consultancy we call this repertoire living –… Read More »

Questions of class


Questions of class

Andrew Curry writes: Times feature writer Penny Wark interviewed HCHLV director Michelle Harrison for a two part article the paper published last week (here and here) on the idea of… Read More »