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How to grow your brand in Indonesia

David Walter and Jeremy Sy write: Indonesia’s future is a bright one. Maybe you’ve seen the headline statistics: An economy that’s set to break into the top ten in the… Read More »

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Five things I learnt at ‘Rethink’

Andrew Curry writes: The Economist‘s “Rethink” conference, held recently in London, put up a range of speakers to talk about the plight of marketing in an age of consumer power.… Read More »

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Barbie’s bottom line

Andrew Curry writes: Over at Quartz my colleague Jeff Yang has a post about why Barbie – now a 55-year old brand – is tanking. Here’s some extracts: It’s been… Read More »

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The new world of less (2 of 2)

Walker Smith writes: In my earlier post, I wrote about the new world of less. A world in which possibilities look more constrained, incomes are tighter, and less seems smarter. In… Read More »

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Brands, social good and the bottom line

Businesses that strive to be a “force for good” in society perform better than those that chase narrow, profit-maximising strategies.

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The changing consumer mood

Andrew Curry writes: We’ve just launched our latest Consumer Outlook survey, of the UK and Ireland – the seventh since the financial crisis struck in 2008. There are a couple… Read More »

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Surfing brand characters

Louise Kennedy writes: Surf’s recent introduction of a foam-like brand character, ‘Surfy’, raises the question of whether brand characters are an important signpost for a brand’s identity or a juvenile… Read More »

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Coke’s obesity ads

Pen Stuart writes: Coke’s groundbreaking new consumer-facing campaign emphasizes the challenge of obesity, and how the company is helping to address it. This is one of the first times such a large… Read More »

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Ten principles of sustainable branding

Louise Kennedy writes: I attended the recent Sustainable Brands Conference in London, which brought together brand marketers, strategists and sustainability experts to discuss the ways in which brands and businesses… Read More »