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Between Debt and the Devil

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Debt, the devil, and printing money

Joe Ballantyne writes: I went to see Adair Turner, the former head of the UK’s Financial Services Authority talking in London last week to promote his new book Between Debt… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #5

Christine Hloros on Station Eleven It’s easy to be skeptical of yet another post-apocalyptic tale… but this story, by Emily St.John Mandel, does not involve zombies, vampires or aliens. And… Read More »

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2014 Holiday Collection #1

To mark the end of the year – as is now traditional on the blog – we asked people across The Futures Company, and former colleagues, to share something they’d… Read More »

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2013 holiday collection #4

Pete Rose on League of Denial What has troubled me since finishing comprehensive look at the ongoing battle among neuropathologists, the National Football League, and the families of retired and… Read More »

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China’s design revolution

Pen Stuart writes: “‘Are Chinese people creative?’ – it depends if you mean in the Western Christian sense of creating something from nothing”. This was the best line in a… Read More »

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Stages of digital grief

Andy Stubbings writes: I went to a talk on the future of publishing recently by Julius Wiedemann, the Design Editor at the art book publisher Taschen, at the Design Museum… Read More »

Holiday collection # 4

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Holiday collection # 4

Eloise Keightley: David Crystal, British Library The broadcaster John Humphrys remarked in 2007, “It is the relentless onward march of the texters, the SMS vandals who are doing to our… Read More »

Holiday collection # 3

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Holiday collection # 3

Joe Ballantyne: Whoops, by John Lanchester For my money, Whoops is far and away the best book I’ve read about the financial crisis. It’s clear, concise and at times even… Read More »

Holiday collection # 1

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Holiday collection # 1

To mark the end of the year – as is now traditional on the blog – we asked people across the company to share something they’d enjoyed this year. We’ll… Read More »