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Why context matters more than ever

J Walker Smith and David Bersoff write: We've just had a piece published in Admap where we argue that the challenge of context is the biggest challenge facing marketing - and until it's addressed,

Scenes from (non) office life #3

© Jake Goretzki

The future’s here – even in Thanet – it is just unevenly distributed…

Eleanor Cooksey writes: We often use this quote[1] but, as far as I know, have never applied it to thinking about this part of the country. Thanet (the area of Kent made up of Margate, Broadstairs

New consumers, new rules: branding the World Cup

Alex Steer writes: In Cape Town, ‘This is Africa’ is normally a sort of verbal shrug. It’s what you say when you see a road that’s more pothole than tarmac, or when a breakfast meeting finally starts