Archives for January 2010

A is for Apple, D is for Dieter

Jake Goretzki writes: According to one of the so-called 'ten commandments' of the German industrial designer Dieter Rams, "Good design is as little design as possible", something that is clear

Data for all

Oliver Wright writes: Last Thursday was something of a watershed for the UK government. was launched, becoming one of a growing number of government portals giving us access to reams of

A history through objects in a post-material world

Eleanor Cooksey writes: I have been enjoying the current BBC Radio 4 series ‘A History of the World in a 100 objects’ in which Neil McGregor, the Director of the British Museum, tells a history of

A cake for ‘blue Monday’

Sophie Stringer writes: The papers have been talking about ‘Blue Monday’ today – apparently the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year.  While the methods used to divine the

Making Britain think

Andrew Curry writes: We've been sharing some of the puzzlement about the 'Britainthinks' posters which have appeared since the New Year. The claim on the website is that "Britainthinks is an