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The future of consumer advocacy

Andrew Curry writes: Another organisation which has changed its name recently is the National Consumer Council, which became Consumer Focus on 1st November - not just a piece of rebranding, since it

Marketing and art

Emily Pitts writes: The late work of Mark Rothko is currently on show at the Tate Modern, and much has been written about the innate spirituality of both the artist and the work. Rothko was one of

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Choice editing at Rough Trade

Joe Ballantyne writes: I was browsing in the wonderful Rough Trade record shop in Notting Hill the other day, and I noticed that they’ve started an ‘album club’ service. For a monthly fee they send

Welcome to The Futures Company

Andrew Curry writes: Sorry if you've come here and been a little confused by the name change, but as of this morning, Henley Centre HeadlightVision and Yankelovich have combined - following our

Saatchi looks east

Emily Pitts writes: As the leaves start to turn, so the cashmere and champagne crew turns out for the start of London’s art fair season. Amid the annual Zoo, Frieze and Scope art fairs, a particular

The ‘five gaps’ around behaviour change

Rebecca Nash writes: Behaviour change is much talked about, but still not well understood, which is why it seemed a good subject for the IIPS - the Institute for Insight in the Public Services, the

Nudging language

Russ Wilson writes: Following on from the earlier post on the subject of ‘nudging’, I was recently in Dublin and Limerick and found the variable dominance of Gaelic and English intriguing- It appears