Archives for January 2008

Home sweet home

Anouk Van Den Eijnde writes: So here’s something I don’t do very often – I built a house, decorated it and put it up for rent all in one night. I wish it were that easy in real life. Last week at the

The lure of celebrity

Andrew Curry writes: I think we sometimes under-estimate the power of the relationship between our increasingly audio-visual world and the rise of celebrity culture. And the second part of this story

Cultural values, design, and global production

  Eleanor Cooksey writes: I recently read WPP’s annual journal of marketing insights, Atticus, and noted an interesting point towards the end of an article called ‘Getting the little things

It’s not about the money any more

Brian Chien writes: In an article for the latest edition of the Royal Mail’s Contact magazine, we looked at how modern consumer currencies go way beyond money. Sparked by some recent examples of free

The attitude-behaviour gap on debt

Gemma Stevenson writes: The scale of consumer debt in this country is now pretty well-known - whether it's the £1,000 million of mortgage debt or the fact that overall consumer indebtedness now

The power of packaging

Jake Goretzki writes: Belgian chocolate - while evidament the best in the world - has always let itself down by the conservatism of its brands (Cote D'Or's range hasn't really changed for the last 40

From wind-powered cheese to socially-conscious snack bars

Anouk van den Eijnde writes: Over the past few months our global streetscapers have been busy tracking down examples of how sustainability issues like energy consumption and fair trade are playing

In with the old?

Jo Philips writes: I was struck by the following quote when reading the historian Theodore Zeldin today: “What to do with too much information is the great riddle of our time. My solution is to


Lucy Pickard writes: In an interesting classroom change, A-level media studies students will now earn 20% of their marks by podcasting or blogging, according to various newspaper reports (Education